Logging Email and Phone Call Records in Clio

To log phone call and email communications, go to the Communications tab in either the Matter or Contact view, then click on the "Logs" sub-tab. To record a new communications log, click the "Add" button.

In the "Add Communication" window, complete the following fields:

  1. Type: Click into the "Type" field and select "Email" or "Phone Call".
  2. Matter: The Matter field will be filled already if the communication log is being added from within a Matter. Otherwise, if you do not associate a Matter properly, the communication log will not appear in the Matter's communication tab - though, it can still be found from the "Logs" area of the main Communication tab.
  3. Date: Select the date of the communication. Defaults to today's date.
  4. From & To: These are Contact select fields. Start typing in the Contact or Firm User's name and select it from the drop-down.  If you do not associate a Contact properly the communication will not appear in the Contact's communication tab. The "To" field is a required field.
  5. Subject: This is a required field.
  6. Body: This is a required field.

What if I want to link a communication log to someone that is not a contact in Clio?

At this time the "To" and "From" fields will only accept recognized individuals in your Clio database.  If you would like to log a communication from a different person, then you can add that person's name in the Subject or Body information fields.

Sending Emails Directly to Clio 

You can also log email communications by forwarding emails directly to a Matter in Clio. For full instructions, please see the related Support article HERE

Editing Log Information

At any time you can edit the log and change the details, such as the matter it is connected to.

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