Managing Time Entered by Co-Counsels

When you share a Matter with a Co-Counsel, they are able to keep track of, and record, the time they spend working on it. As the administrator of the shared resources, being able to control the billing rate of the Co-Counsel your firm works with, viewing the time added by them, and billing the clients are all important parts of this feature.

For more information on how to share Matters via Clio Connect, please refer to this article.


Co-Counsel time can be reported on just like any other user's entries in the Productivity by User Report. More can be read in the Productivity be User Report Support Article.

Co-Counsel Billing Rates

In order to manage the rate your Co-Counsel is billing Time at, you can set their billing rate. This can be done in a few ways.

1. Upon initially sharing the Matter


2. Editing the Share settings of the Matter

Go to the Matter where you need to modify the Co-Counsel rate and click on "Clio Connect" in the Matter Details.A popup will appear with a Co-Counsel rate field you can edit.

3. Editing the Co-Counsel's Contact information

You can edit the Co-Counsel's Contact information directly to modify the billing rate that is applied to shared Matters. "Edit" the Contact, and then make any changes necessary to their billing rate. Remember to save these changes. 

Viewing Added Time Entries

To view the Time Entries added by the Co-Counsel to the shared Matter, you can go to the Time subtab of the shared Matter and optionally apply a Filter. 

Editing Co-Counsel Time Entries

When viewing the Time Entries added by the Co-Counsel to the shared Matter, you are able to modify them by clicking the "Edit" quick link beneath the specific entry you wish to change.

In the "Edit Time Entry Form" window, you can modify the details of the time entry; such as Date, Matter, Activity Description, Duration, Rate, and the Note. You will not, however, be able to change the User who input this entry.


When it comes time to generate a bill for your Clients, the process is the same! The Time added by your Co-Counsel will be noted on the invoice using their initials as seen below. 

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