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Working with Tasks in Clio for Co-Counsel / Clio Connect

Clio allows law firms to assign tasks to people outside of their firm via Clio for Co-Counsel / Clio Connect.

Viewing your Tasks

You can view your Tasks at any time in Clio for Co-Counsel / Clio Connect by clicking on the Tasks tab.

Clio will show you how many unfinished Tasks you have in the Tasks tab.  If there is no number you're all caught up.

Completing a Task

To complete a Task click on the "Mark as Complete" quick link below the task name. Once a Task is complete it will disappear from the Upcoming Tasks page.

Viewing Tasks you have completed

You can view a list of Tasks you've completed by clicking on the "Completed" sub-tab.  On the Completed Tasks page you can click on "Mark as Incomplete" to put the Task back in Upcoming.  

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