Creating Calendar Events

There are two ways to create a new appointment:

  1. Click and Drag:

    Click in the starting date/time in your calendar and drag down to the end time, then release your mouse.  Now a new Calendar Entry form will appear.

  2. Add Button:

    You can click on the Add Button and this is how iPad users would add a new appointment.  When you click on the button a new Calendar Entry form appears and you can enter in the details of the appointment.  You will have to manually determine the date and time if you choose this option.

New Calendar Entry Form

General Information Tab

  1. Summary:  The Summary is the name/description of the appointment.
  2. Calendar: Choose the owner of the appointment.  If it is someone other than yourself, you need to have been given Editor sharing permission from the owner of that calendar.  For more information on sharing calendars, click here
  3. Start and End Dates/Times:  Choose the date and time of the event.
  4. "This event will last the whole day":  You can specify that the appointment is an all day event.  If so, the appointment will appear at the top of the calendar on that day.
  5. Matter:  The matter field is there so that you can link the appointment to the applicable matter.  It is suggested wherever possible that you link appointments to the correct matter to use Clio to its fullest extent.
  6. Location:  Use this field to enter in where the appointment is taking place.
  7. Attendees:  You can invite other members of your firm to an appointment.  They do not receive a message, but the appointment will appear in their respective calendars. To link them to the appointment, start to type in their name in this field and choose it from the drop-down. If you would like the ability to add calendar reminders on their behalf click here.
    You can also share the appointment with your client or contact using Clio Connect by clicking on the "Invite Contacts Via ClioConnect hyperlink". To learn more click here.
  8. Description:  The description field can be used as you see fit to note important details of the event.

Repeats Tab

In this tab you can set the appointment to repeat on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis.

Reminders Tab

You can set up a reminder for appointments.  For more information on reminders, click here.

Time Entries Tab

You can simultaneously create a time entry upon creation of the calendar appointment.  Please note that you can only do this for your own appointments, you cannot use this feature on behalf of another user at this time.


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