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Creating Calendar Events

There are four ways to create a new appointment:

  1. Clicking and Dragging on the Calendar page:
    • Click in the starting date/time in your calendar and drag down to the end time, then release your mouse. Now a new Calendar Entry form will appear.

  2. The Add event button on the Calendar page:
    • You can click on the Add event Button to add a new appointment. When you click on the button, a new Calendar Entry form appears and you can enter in the details of the appointment. You will have to manually determine the date and time if you choose this option.

  3. The Create New button
    • From any page in Clio, click the green Create New button, and then click Event to create a new Calendar entry.

  4. The Matter page for the specific Matter you wish to associate the event to
    • Select the Calendar sub-tab
    •  Click New Event


New Calendar Entry Form

Event Details

  1. Title:  The title is the name/description of the appointment.
  2. Attendees:  You can invite other members of your firm to an appointment. They do not receive a message, but the appointment will appear in their respective calendars. To link them to the appointment, start to type in their name in this field and chooseit from the drop-down. You can also invite Contacts in your Clio account to this appointment. If you do, they will receive an email invitation.
  3. Start and End Dates/Times:  Choose the date and time of the event. You can also select here if you want the event to be all day, or if you want it to repeat.
  4. Location:  Use this field to enter in where the appointment is taking place.
  5. Matter:  The matter field is there so that you can link the appointment to the applicable matter.  It is suggested wherever possible that you link appointments to the correct matter to use Clio to its fullest extent.
  6. Reminders: Send reminders to any of your attendees. Firm users can be sent an email or a popup reminder. Contacts can be sent email reminders.
  7. Calendar: Choose the owner of the appointment.  If it is someone other than yourself, you need to have been given Editor sharing permission from the owner of that calendar.  For more information on sharing calendars, click here
  8. Description:  The description field can be used as you see fit to note important details of the event.

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