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Troubleshooting Clio Sync with Outlook

404 Error Message

Double-check your username and password in the Clio Sync settings.  The 404 error is returned if your username or password is incorrect.


When the synchronization stops in the middle of processing, corruption in your data is likely the cause.

If the error says something like, "Reading Outlook tasks 32," the corruption is in Outlook, in the Tasks folder, record 31, 32 or 33. You can delete the record referenced and the one before and after. Use the Microsoft Office Diagnostics tool (or the Detect and Repair feature, for Outlook 2003) after deleting suspected corrupt records.

Calendar Items do not transfer

For Calendar items to transfer, they must have a subject  (the location and description fields are optional).

Record counts don't match

Microsoft Outlook keeps count of the number of contact records. The record count may differ between Clio and Outlook if there are: 

  • Duplicate records in Outlook. Clio Sync will not transfer duplicate records from Outlook, so fewer records would show in Clio. 
  • Blank records in Outlook. Clio Sync will not transfer blank records from Outlook, so fewer records would show in Clio. 

Reread Next Sync

Clio Sync uses special technology to skip past records that have already been synchronized. The first time a new database is processed it's much slower because Clio Sync must check every field. Subsequent processes are much faster because Clio Sync only updates the data that has changed.

Sometimes, data changes in a way that Clio Sync does not recognize, for instance, if you manually erase a data file.

If you feel that the record count in Clio is no longer reflecting the data record count in your PC contact manager, or that the field values in Clio do not reflect the current Clio Sync configuration, check the appropriate Reread next Sync to force Clio Sync to reread the databases and update all fields.

These options are automatically unchecked when a process completes without errors.

 To Check Reread Outlook Data on next Sync or Reread Clio Data on next Sync:

  • Go to the Main Screen. 
  • Select Options from the top of the screen. 
  • Click on Reread Outlook Data on the next Sync to check or uncheck the option. 
  • Click on Reread Clio Data on the next Sync to check or uncheck the option.  
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