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Syncing your Google and Clio Calendars with Clio Sync for Google


Syncing Clio Calendars
Removing the Link to a Calendar
Syncing the Firm Calendar
Disabling the Google Sync

Syncing Clio Calendars

Each Clio user can sync their Clio Calendar with their Google (Gmail or Google Apps) account by following our simple steps! Users can also sync other Calendars that sync to Google. This is a bi-directional sync, meaning if you make changes in one end it will be reflected in the other (ie: creating new appointments or deleting appointments).

Click on the gear icon in the Clio header to open the Settings panel.  Next, click on "Contact and Calendar Sync" in the Personal column.

Beside "Google contacts and calendars," click "Set Up Sync".

On the Google account authorization screen, click "Allow".

[* If you are already connected to Google, skip to the next step.]

Next, click "Sync" beside the calendar to set up the sync:


You will now choose if you would like to link to a new Google Calendar or an Existing Google Calendar. Click for information on this choice, see the "Differences Between Creating a New Calendar or Linking an Existing One" article. 


Make your selection and then click "Sync Calendar".

Your Clio Calendar will now be shown as linked to the Google Calendar.  Please be aware that the initial sync between Google and Clio may take up to 24 hours (although it typically takes 1-2 hours). 


Removing the Link to a Calendar

If you want to stop the sync to a particular calendar, go to the Google sync settings screen in Clio and click the "Stop Sync" button beside that calendar.


Syncing the Firm Calendar

Syncing the Firm calendar to Google follows the same steps as detailed above except that only the Primary Subscriber can sync the Firm calendar. 

Once the Firm calendar is synced, the Originating Subscriber can make changes to firm appointments where the firm is the creator of an appointment (not attendee). If you wish to share the Firm calendar, the Primary Subscriber can do so from Google - however, only the Originating Subscriber will be able to make changes to the synced Firm calendar.

Disabling the Google Sync

Disabling the Google sync will prevent any further syncing. After disabling, no changes to Clio Contacts or Calendars will affect Google Contacts or Calendars (and vice versa).

To disable the Google sync, go to the Google Sync settings page and click "Disconnect Account".

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