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Client and Matter Based Rates

When creating new Time Entries in Clio, by default the Rate that is applied will adhere to the selected Client or Matter rate. You are able to determine firm-wide and attorney specific rates for your Clients and Matters in Clio. If a rate is not selected, Clio will instead use your User Default Rate or any Activity Description rate that you apply.


Matter Based Rate
Enter Time under a Matter
Enter Time under Activities
Client Based Rate

Matter Based Rate

If you have a Matter that you want to associate a specific rate with, then follow these steps:

1. Open the Matter and click Edit matter:


2. At the bottom of the page you will see the "Billing Preferences" drop down. Choose "Hourly" and click on "Add a custom rate":


3. You now have a choice. Do you want to assign a rate to a user in your firm (listed under "Firm Users") or a firm-wide rate "Everyone" or a Group. A Group is set up by an Administrator in your firm. If you choose Group then everyone in that Group will default to the specified rate.

Let's choose to enter in a rate for Don Draper and then click on "Add Another Rate" to add a second rate for Pete Campbell:


4. Then click on "Save Matter" at the bottom of the screen. When you save this information you can see the custom matter rates noted:



Entering Time from Matter Card, in "Activities" sub-tab

Now if Don enters in a time entry for this matter, the custom matter rate will automatically pop in:


Entering Time from Activities Tab

If I go to the Activities tab in Clio and click on "Add Time" to create a new time entry, you will see your User Default Rate in the Rate field:


As soon as you link the Matter in the Matter field, you will see the Matter rate we previously created pop into the Rate field:


Client Based Rate

Follow the same steps as above to set up a Client rate by going to the client contact card and clicking on Edit:


You will see the area to add in your Client rate:


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