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Time Rounding

Please note: When you change the time rounding setting on your account it changes how all time entries are displayed in Clio on the activities tab and in the matter tab, even the ones that have already been billed. This is just the new rounding setting being applied to your time entries and doesn't change the amount on the bills. This change will affect all users in the firm.


Enabling Time Rounding
Using Timers

Enabling Time Rounding

You are able to set Time Rounding options in Clio, which allows you to customize how Clio calculates your time entries.  There are two Time Rounding Options in Clio: 

  1. "Enable decimal rounding" will always round up to the nearest two decimal places.
  2. "Enable time rounding" will allow you to set the rounding increment.  

If you choose not to round your time, simply leave the default as "1 Minute". To change your rounding options, please go to:

  1. Settings
  2. Billing
  3. Check Enable decimal rounding or Enable time rounding as appropriate



Tenths of an Hour

For example if you bill time in tenths of an hour, you would change the option to 6 minutes and press Save:

Then go to enter in a time entry for 9 minutes:


After you have saved it, it will show the entry as rounded to 0.2 hours (12 minutes).

Quarter of an Hour

For example, if you bill time in a quarter of an hour, you would change the option to 15 minutes and Save:

Then go to enter in a time entry for 9 minutes:


After you have saved it, it will show the entry at 0.25 hours (15 minutes).


Per Minute Rounding (default)

In this option your time is not rounded up, so the option is 1 minute:

Then enter a time entry for 9 minutes:

After you have saved, it will show a 0.15 hours (9 minutes).

Using Timers

Time intervals are computed from the moment of timer activation to the moment of deactivation on the Clio servers which are synchronized with the US National Atomic clock service to ensure utmost precision and accuracy.

Minimum Timer Amount

The timer must be running for 36 seconds, which shows as 0.01 hours, and anything less than 0.01 hours will be saved as 0.  If you have enable decimal rounding in your Settings then anything less then 0.01 hours will be rounded up and saved as 0.01.

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