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Managing Expense Entries

From Activities Tab:

To create an expense from your Activities tab, go to Activities-Expense Entries. This is where you can see and enter in expenses across all of your matters.

To create a new one, click on "Add";

Then link the Matter you would like to charge the expense to and fill in the description and amount;

Once you've clicked on "Save" you will see your expense charged to the appropriate matter:

From a Matter:

You can also enter in an expense from within a Matter card. To do so, open the Matter and click on Expenses. Then follow the instructions as above.

To edit or delete a single unbilled* expense line entry, click on the "Edit or Delete" quick links below the 'Date' column:

To delete** multiple expense entries: Select the specific entries via the checkboxes or choose ALL, then select the 'Delete' Action, and click 'Apply'.

Note: There is no bulk edit option available at this time.

*Please note that if you have billed the expense entry on a bill, it is frozen and can not be deleted or edited unless you delete the bill the entry is billed on.

**Please note that only Administrators will have permissions to delete bulk entries across the various areas of Clio. Non-Administrators will not have a view for the Bulk Delete option.

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