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Managing Expense Entries

From the Activities Tab:

To create an expense from your Activities tab, go to Activities > 'Add Expense'. The Activities tab is where you can see and enter expenses across all of your matters. You can filter to see just expenses by clicking the Expense tab top left.

To create a new one, click on "Add";


Then link the Matter you would like to charge the expense to and fill in the description and amount;


Once you've clicked on "Save" you will see your expense charged to the appropriate matter:


From a Matter:

You can also enter an expense from within a Matter card. To do so, open the Matter and click on Activities. Then follow the instructions above.


To edit or delete a single unbilled* expense line entry, click in the actions column to the left of the expense. You can choose to edit it easily from the Actions column and from the drop-down you can delete or duplicate the entry, and the edit button is easily accessible 


To delete multiple** expense entries: Select the specific entries via the checkboxes or choose the checkbox at the top of the column next to Actions to select all. Then select the 'Delete' button, confirm and 'Delete Entries'.

Note: There is no bulk edit option available at this time.


*Please note that if you have billed the expense entry on a bill, it is frozen and can not be deleted or edited unless you delete the bill the entry is billed on.

**Please note that only Administrators will have permissions to delete bulk entries across the various areas of Clio. Non-Administrators will not have a view for the Bulk Delete option.

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