Deleting Bills

Please note that only Draft and Pending Approval bills can be deleted. Awaiting Payment or Paid bills must be voided. For more information, see the How to Void Bills article.

There are 2 areas that you can delete the draft bill:

  1. From the Draft bills or Pending Approval bills tab, locate the bill then select the "Delete" quick link.  When deleting a bill you will be asked to confirm or reject the action by respectively clicking “OK” or “Cancel” in the dialogue box that appears. 
  2. When viewing a single bill, the delete action can be found by clicking on Actions at the upper right. From the drop-down options, select Delete.

Considerations before Deleting a Bill

When you delete a bill, all the time and expenses go to an unbilled state and are free to bill again.

If you have made any direct changes or edits to a bill, they will be deleted once you delete the bill, unless you opted to reflect those changes back to the matter.

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