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Android App: Tasks


Viewing Tasks
Sorting and Filtering Tasks
Completing a Task
Editing a Task
Deleting a Task
Creating a Task
Advanced Tasks

Viewing Tasks

There are three ways to access Tasks in the Clio Mobile App. The first is to tap the "Tasks" button at the bottom of the screen in the navigation bar:


Alternatively, you can use the Global Seach feature to find specific Tasks in Clio, using the "Task" filter underneath the search bar:


Finally, you can access Matter specific Tasks through the Matter itself:


When you view your Tasks they will be listed in date order based on the due date:


To see more details about a Task, tap it to open and view the details:


Sorting and Filtering Tasks

You can quickly filter your Tasks using the options along the top of the screen. These options are:

  • Upcoming
  • Overdue
  • No due date
  • Completed


To further filter which Tasks are listed, tap on "Filters" icon at the top right of the screen. You can choose to filter your Tasks by Assigned by, Assigned to, Matter, Priority level, and Task viewing permissions. Once you have selected your filters, tap the checkmark to return to the filtered Task list:


Completing a Task

Once a Task is complete, you can either swipe the Task to the right of the screen which will display the option to "Mark as complete" or when viewing a Task you can "Mark as complete."



Editing a Task

To edit a Task, click "Edit" in the upper right corner of the screen:


mceclip11.png mceclip12.png


When you are finished editing your Task, tap the checkmark at the top-right of the page.

Deleting a Task

While you are in the edit screen of the Task, select "Delete task" at the bottom of the Edit task page:


Alternatively, you can select the three vertical dots to view more available actions from the Task view and select "Delete task". 


You will then be prompted to confirm the action:


Please note that a Deletion is a permanent action. You may be able to recover the Task via the Recover Bin in the desktop application.

Creating a Task

It's quick and easy to add a Task in Clio’s Android app. You can do so three different ways:

Global Create

From anywhere in the app, tap the green "+" button at the bottom of the screen. If you tap and hold the Global Create button on the Tasks page, it will automatically open the New task screen. 


Matter View Page

When viewing a Matter, select the "Task" icon listed under "Add to this matter" to create a new Task for this Matter:


Within the Tasks section of a Matter

When you have a Matter open on your screen, select Tasks to navigate to the Tasks page for that specific Matter:


Once there, you can select "New task" from the bottom right corner of the screen to create a new Task:


Each of these paths will take you to the New task screen where you can input the necessary information to create a new Task:


Advanced Tasks

Only subscribers to certain plans will have access to the Advanced Tasks feature. If you have this feature, Advanced Task information (Task Type, Status, Time Estimate) is visible and editable when viewing a Task:

mceclip22.png mceclip23.png


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