Applying Taxes to Bills

On Future Bills

To adjust the default tax settings for all future bills, go to your Settings panel then click on "Billing". Scroll down to the "Taxes" section to designate any applicable jurisdictional taxation parameters including tax name(s) and associated rate(s). Note that Clio supports tax rates with a percentage of up to eight (8) decimal places. 


When you generate your bill, check the "Apply Tax" box and optionally the "Apply secondary tax" box:

Your bills will now have the tax applied, per your Tax Settings.

On Existing Bills

When editing a bill,  the designated tax rate can be:

  • Set and/or modified in the corresponding field within the bill parameter settings; and
  • Tax can then be applied by selecting the "Tax" checkboxes next to the each of the taxable line-items.
  • Update the bill when done!
  • Next, in the the line-items area you will see checkboxes to apply tax to the bill:tax_on_line_items.png
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