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How to Generate and Pay Combined Multi-Matter Bills

You can combine multiple matters of a client into a single bill.

Generating a Combined Multi-Matter Bill
     Combine or Show Individual Payments
     Generate The Bill
Paying a Combined Bill

Generating a Combined Multi-Matter Bill

Combine or Show Individual Payments

First, decide if you would like all of the payments that you apply to the bill be shown as one combined line item, or if you would prefer the payments to the different matters appear as separate line items on the bill. The default has them shown together, but if you would like them separated, follow these steps:

  1. Click on Settings icon and choose Billing from the Clio Settings column. On the Bill Settings page, click the Bill Themes sub-tab
  2. Double click on the image of the bill theme you wish to change
  3. In the options menu, select Matter, then in the next menu that pops up, select Line Items
  4. Check off the box beside Show Individual Matter Payments

What is the difference on the combined bill once payment is made?Individual_matter_payments.png


Generate The Bill

    1. Select the Billing Tab on the left. 
    2. Click New Bills located on the top right. 
    3. Check off the Bills you want to generate and click on Generate:


    4. In the Generate Bills page chose the box that reads "Combine multiple matters for a given client into a single bill" and then click on the "Generate Bills" button:


    5. Now you will see your combined bill in Draft

Paying a Combined Bill 

    1. Select the Billing tab > Unpaid
    2. Locate the invoice in question and choose Record Payment from the dropdown arrow next to Share
    3. Select the appropriate Source to indicate where the funds are coming from, and update the Payment amount field 
      Note that when selecting an account as the payment source, you will only be able to select funds that have been added through the client
      Clio will distribute the funds to the first matter, then any remaining amounts to the other matter(s)




      When paying a Matter specific amount, you are able to choose from either funds that have been deposited at the client level or funds that have been allocated specifically to the Matter being billed.


    4. Enter the payment amount in the Payment field for each Matter
    5. Choose Receive Payment

You will now see the payment(s) noted on the Payments box above the preview of the bill:



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