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Documents: Sharing Files and Folders


Sharing Options
Sharing a File via Link
Stop Sharing

 You are able to Share Folders via Clio Connect, Files have the option to be shared with both an email link and via Clio Connect with your Contacts:

  1. Click on the "Share" quick link; or
  2. Click on the "View Details" quick link then, in the side panel, click on the person icon.
    To share the file or folder with a new Contact, click either "Shared via Clio Connect" or "Shared via Link" (if the option is available). 

Sharing Options


  1. Select contacts for sharing: Start typing the name of a Contact with a valid email address then select it when when it pops up.
  2. Write an optional message: Add an optional message to the email notification.
  3. Delivery method: Only available when sharing an individual file. Choose if the file should be shared via Clio Connect or via link.
  4. Notify contacts via email: Checked by default and only applicable when sharing via Clio Connect. Deselect if you do not want the Contact to receive an email notification that a file has been shared via Clio Connect. 
  5. Share button: Click the "Share" button to start sharing the file or folder. 

Sharing a File via Link 

When sharing a file, you have the option of sharing the file via link. When you choose this option, an email notification will be sent to the selected Contact with a link to download the file. To view the file, the Contact will be required to have the appropriate application installed on their computer to open the file. 


Once you have a shared a file via link, that link will remain available for 7 days. To view the Contacts that you have shared a file with and the link expiry date:

  1. Click on the "View Details" quick link for that file.
  2. In the "Details" side panel, click on the person icon.


Stop Sharing

To stop sharing a folder or file that has been shared via Clio Connect or link, click on the "View Details" quick link for that file then, in the side panel, click on the person icon. Click on the stop icon stop_icon.png beside the contact that you would like to revoke access.


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