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Documents: Sharing Files and Folders


Sharing Options
Stop Sharing

You are able to Share Folders via Clio Connect or via Clio for Clients. Files have the option to be shared with an email link, via Clio Connect or via Clio for Clients:

  1. Navigate to the Documents tab and click Share under the Actions dropdown menu.
  1. If you would like to Share a Folder, Navigate to the Documents tab and click Share under the Actions dropdown menu and you can choose to share this folder via the Client Portal, or you can share with a Contact. 




Sharing Options


  1. Select contacts for sharing: Start typing the name of a Contact with a valid email address then select it when it pops up.
  2. Share via: Select one of the following:
    Clio for Clients: Share a file with a client to Clio for Clients. More information on Clio for Clients can be found here
    Clio Connect: Share a file or folder with a client's Clio Connect web portal. 
    Email with a secure link: Share an individual file with a client that they can then download. 
  3. Write an optional message: Add an optional message to the email notification.
  4. Share button: Click the "Share" button to start sharing the file or folder.

Stop Sharing

To stop sharing a folder or file that has been shared, click Share on the same file and select Stop sharing.


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