Draft Notifications

If your firm has multiple users and observes a billing approval workflow, you have the option of turning on draft notifications. 

To turn on draft notifications, go to your Settings panel and click "Billing". On the Bill Settings page, scroll down to the bottom and check the box beside "Display notification modal after bill generation".

With draft notifications enabled, you will be be given the option to send a notification that a bill has been generated to a user in your firm. 

  1. Notify a user: Select the firm user who should be notified that you are submitting bills for approval. If you do not want to send a notification, leave this field blank and click "Cancel".
  2. Notify via: Select if the firm user should be notified by E-mail, Clio Secure Message, or both.
  3. Add note: Click the + button to add a note to the E-mail or Secure Message notification.
  4. If you have selected multiple bills to be generated, each bill will appear on the right sorted by client. To stop a bill from being added to the notification, click the X button beside that bill number.

Click the "Send notification" button to complete the submission. Clicking "Cancel" will only cancel the notification but not the bill generation process. 

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