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Anti-Money Laundering Checks

In addition to Custom Fields, you can create a Task List to confirm that your Anti-Money Laundering precautions have been carried out. You will find the related article here.

While the Task List will provide you with helpful reminders for carrying out due diligence, once this has been performed you will also need to confirm this on the Matter itself. This can be done by creating Custom Fields.

Add your Custom Fields

  1. Click on the gear at the top of the Clio page to access Settings
  2. Find ‘Custom Fields’ in the left-hand column
  3. Click ‘Add’ under Matter Custom Fields -> Individual Custom Fields
  4. Enter fields to confirm that you have identified the Client, obtained proof of identify, verified identification with a utility bill, and held the documentation for 5 years
    1. All fields will be of the ‘Checkbox’ type, apart from holding the documentation, which will be a date

Create a Custom Field Set

  1. Scroll down to ‘Custom Field Sets’ and click on the green ‘Add’ button
  2. Enter a name for this set, select each of the relevant fields, and check the box for ‘Default,’ so these Custom Fields will display for each matter

Verify these steps within the Matter

  1. Once you have carried out these tasks and obtained the required information, you may edit your Matters to confirm this
  2. This information can easily be viewed from the Matter Detail
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