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Using Intake123 to create online intake forms, documents requiring electronic signatures, interview forms, checklists, and surveys is as easy as 1-2-3...

Streamline your intake process by eliminating data transcription and wasted time with Intake123’s Clio integration that includes the automatic syncing of standard fields and importing capabilities for Custom Fields.

Intake123 is currently offering a free subscription period while they are in Beta (subject to change without notice). Click HERE to subscribe.


Connecting Intake123 to Clio
Linking Clients and Matters to Clio
Using Intake123 with Clio

Connecting Intake123 to Clio

For new users to Intake123, once you have signed up for an account and have logged in, the Firm Setup Wizard will take you to the "Admin" menu, then "Firm Setup" page. For existing users, this page can also be found without the Wizard.

Scroll to the bottom of the "Firm Setup" page, check "Sync with Clio", and choose whether to automatically or manually create client contacts and matters in Clio. Then click the "Submit" button.

Click the "Intakes" menu in the top blue bar, then select the "Existing Intakes" page.

Select "Sync Clio and 123" at the bottom of the menu.

Linking Clients and Matters to Clio

For 123 Clients that are already set up as Contacts in Clio you need to link them so that 123 can keep them in sync. On the "Sync" screen, drag and drop 123 Clients to the center "Link & Sync" yellow column, lining it up with the correct Clio Contact.

To add new Contacts to Clio from 123, drag one or more 123 Clients to the center "Create New Clio Contact(s)" yellow column. Then click the "Create, Link & Sync" button. Those new Contacts will now be added to Clio. Updating a Client's information in 123 will automatically update that Contact's information in Clio.

For those 123 Clients and Clio Contacts that have multiple Matters associated with them, lower on the same page you will complete a very similar process to link or add Matters in Clio.

Using Intake123 with Clio

If you selected "Auto Sync" in Firm Setup, you are all done! Intake123 will automatically create new Contacts and Matters in Clio when you create new Intake Clients and Matters in 123, linking them so they can keep in sync. 123 will also automatically sync linked Clio Contacts and Matters when you update any relevant fields in 123 Intakes and Matters.

Manual Sync

If you selected "Manual Sync" in "Firm Setup", Intake123 will show a "Clio Synce" checkbox at the bottom of the "New Intake" page. Simply check the box when you want 123 to create and link a Clio Contact and Matter from your new 123 Intake and Matter.

Periodically you will want to go back to the "Sync Clio and 123" page (see "Connecting your Product to Clio") and click the "Sync Linked Clients & Matters" button. You can also return here to add and link any new 123 Intakes and Matters that you chose not to sync during their creation.


If you require more support using Intake123, please call (303) 731-0500 or use the live chat tool on the Intake123 website.

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