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Traklight will help you identify and protect your intangible assets, including intellectual property (IP), and can recommend when you should seek legal advice. By connecting your Clio account to Traklight, you can access your client’s Traklight reports and add them directly to your existing Matters.

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Connecting Traklight to Clio
Using Traklight with Clio

Connecting Traklight to Clio

When connecting to Traklight, keep in mind you will be accessing your client’s data through Traklight’s IP Vault.

Accessing your Client’s IP Vault

First, your client will need to give you access to their Traklight IP Vault.

From the "Change Access" section on the left, your client will have to add your e-mail address and provide you with access by checking on the desired permissions options.

Once you have been granted access, you can establish a connection to your Clio account.

Log in to Traklight and go into your client's IP Vault. In the upper right-hand corner, click on the "Connect" menu and select "Clio" from the drop down:

After selecting Clio, you will be prompted to authorize the connection:

Using Traklight with Clio

Adding Information to Clio

The primary information you will be adding from Traklight will be your client’s reports from their IP Vault.

Adding Documents

From the Traklight IP Vault, click on the arrow next to the title of a document:

To add a record to your Clio documents, select "(Clio) Save to Documents". In the lower right hand corner of the screen, you will receive notification of the progress. When you go to Clio, you will see the document in the main Documents tab.

Adding a Record to a Matter

If you have already set up a matter to handle your client’s IP and business work, you can also add reports straight to that matter.

From the Traklight IP Vault, click the arrow next to a document and select "(Clio) Save to Matter".

In the "Save to Matter" window, select the Matter you would like to save the record to.

The record will then be added to the Documents tab of the selected Matter.

If you would like more information on how to work with Traklight, please contact Tracklight directly.

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