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Signing Up for Clio

Signing up for Clio is easy! 


Trialing Clio
Subscribing to Clio
Features and Pricing Plans
Adding Users to Yearly Subscription

Trialing Clio

If you haven't yet started a trial with us, please go here for more information.

When you follow the sign up link on clio.com, you will be directed to this form on a new page.

Once you fill out your information and click the "Start Trial" button, you will be redirected to this page with further instructions to check the inbox of the email address you entered.


Once you have navigated to your email inbox, you will see a new email from Clio asking you to confirm your account. (Sometimes inboxes filter email, so be sure to check your spam folder if you do not see the email from us.)

Once you've activated your account, you'll be brought directly to your new Clio account!

Subscribing to Clio

Within your Clio trial, the banner at the top of your account contains a link to Subscribe.

Once you click the link, you will be prompted to select your subscription type.

You can also subscribe to Clio within your trial account by going to the Clio Settings panel then click "Account and Payment Info" in the System column.

Click on the "Payment Info" sub-tab to select your desired plan, Clio billing period (monthly or annual), and enter your credit card information. 

Features and Pricing Plans

Clio has three pricing plans for various sizes and types of law practice. You can find a detail of all features that are available to each pricing plan by clicking here

The list of available features is growing continually. To keep on top of new features being added to Clio, sign-up for our monthly email newsletter (click here and scroll to the bottom of the page) or check the for product update announcements here.

You can upgrade your Clio account to a higher plan level or change your billing period from "monthly" to "annual" at any time. To change your account level and billing details, go to your Clio Settings panel then click "Account and Payment Info" in the System column. Click on the "Payment Info" sub-tab then click "Change Renewal Options". For more information about upgrading your Clio account, click here

When you choose the Yearly Subscription, you will see the amount that you will be billed and can enter in your card details. Please note that the full amount for the year will be charged right away and in accordance with our Terms of Service there is no refund for any unused amounts if you cancel part way through the year.

Adding Users to Yearly Subscription

Once you have completed your trial, you have the ability to purchase additional Attorney and Non-Attorney licenses that can be used for other members of your firm. Simply select the desired number of licences and, once you click on "Purchase Licenses", your card will be debited right away.

Once the purchase is complete you will see a summary of your licenses and which ones are currently in use. As you add new users to your Clio account, they will use the licenses that you have purchased.


What if a user leaves my firm, what happens to their license? It will remain unused until you add a new user to the account. Per our Terms of Service there is no refund for unused licenses.

What if I want to switch to Monthly Subscription? At the end of your Yearly Subscription you can switch to Monthly. You will see this option under "Renewal Options". Click here for more information about updating your subscription and renewal options.

What if I want to remove some licenses at the end of my Yearly Subscription? Under "Renewal Options" you will find the box to "Remove unused licenses at renewal". This will remove all unused licenses and only charge you for the ones in use.

I signed up for a Yearly Subscription, why isn't it starting today? Your Trial and/or any Monthly Subscriptions must expire first before the Yearly Subscription starts.

What if I have a Bar Member Benefit discount? If the discount was not applied during sign up for Clio, please contact Clio Support prior to signing up for the Yearly Subscription so that we can apply it.

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