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Lexicata is a one-stop-shop, providing all the tools you need to intake new clients. Lexicata provides secure online intake forms to collect information from your prospective clients and sends out engagement letters for easy e-signature. All the while, Lexicata's automatic reminder system helps keep your clients on task and moving through the process. When you retain the client and the engagement letter is signed, you can automatically export all the information to Clio with just a few clicks!

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Connecting Lexicata to Clio
Using Lexicata with Clio
     Creating New Contacts and Matters in Clio
Using Lexicata Intake Forms
Clio + Lexicata: Co-Hosted Webinar

Connecting Lexicata to Clio

Once you have signed up for a Lexicata account, login and click on your user name in the top right corner, then select "Settings". On the "Manage Settings" screen, under "Integrations", click "Clio" then click on the "Connect to Clio" button.

You will then be prompted to log in to Clio if you are not already logged in. In the "Connect with Clio" window, click the green “Yes, let’s connect” button to connect your Lexicata account to Clio. 

When you've successfully connected to Clio, you will be redirected back to your pipeline. 

Using Lexicata with Clio

Creating New Contacts and Matters in Clio

You can track all of your prospective clients in Lexicata up until the point of retention, and then once you sign the client, you can add them to Clio by exporting all their contact information and notes automatically, minimizing data entry. You can also optionally create a pending matter on Clio when you do the data export. Follow the steps below:

Find a contact in your Lexicata account that you recently signed as a client and would like to export to Clio, then click the "Contact Options" button and select "Export to Clio".

The Contact Export pop-up will confirm the information that will be exported to Clio.

Your new Contact will now show up in Clio, along with the notes you created in Lexicata.

To export your Matter from Lexicata, again, click on the "Matter Options" button the on the Matter detail page, then select "Export to Clio".

The Matter Export pop-up will confirm the information that will be exported to Clio. If you had already exported the Matter's client, then exporting the Matter will link it to the appropriate Contact already in Clio.

Using Lexicata Intake Forms

You can also export to Clio any intake forms and engagement letters that were completed or signed and returned by clients through Lexicata. Lexicata intake forms can be connected to Clio Contact and Matter fields, including all your Custom Fields.

Syncing Custom Fields

To sync your Clio custom fields with Lexicata, go to your Lexicata settings and click on the "Custom Fields" tab, then click "Sync Clio Custom Fields". This will automatically import all custom fields with supported field types.

Adding Custom Fields to Forms

When creating a new form or editing an existing form in the Form Builder, you can connect fields in your form to your Clio Custom Fields.  In the Form Builder, click on the "Edit" link for an individual field then click on the "Question settings" link.

In the Question Settings window, check the box beside "Connect answer to custom field" then select the appropriate Clio Contact or Matter Custom Field.

Collecting Data

When your intake form is completed internally or by your client, each Custom Field that is submitted will automatically be added to the appropriate Contact or Matter page.

Exporting to Clio

Finally, export the Matter, using the steps detailed above, to get all the data from the forms into Clio. Upon exporting the Matter, a new Contact will be created with all the Contact Custom Fields filled out, and a new Matter will be created for that Contact with all the Matter Custom Fields filled out.

Clio + Lexicata: Co-Hosted Webinar

Recorded October 2015. Aaron George, co-founder of Lexicata, demonstrates Lexicata's key features and integration with Clio.

If you would like more information about using Lexicata with Clio, please visit the "Help" page in your Lexicata account, or contact Lexicata support at

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