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DomainSkate is a comprehensive monitoring and alert system that gives attorneys the power to protect clients’ names and brands online. We send reports about registered domain names that are identical to, or similar to, your client’s brand, mark, or domain. You get links to websites, registration information, and updates - automatically.

Connect via Clio and start with a FREE account that manages 1 brand and up to 5 URLs. Domain alerts show up in your Clio tasks.

To instantly connect your Clio account to DomainSkate, click HERE. Once you've set up your DomainSkate account you can upgrade to protect additional brands and domains.


Connecting DomainSkate to Clio
Using DomainSkate with Clio

Connecting DomainSkate to Clio

To Connect your Clio account to DomainSkate, go to the "Apps" page in your Clio Settings panel and click on the "Add Application" button for DomainSkate. In the connection window, click "Yes, let's connect" to authorize the connection.

Once you have authorized the connection, you will be prompted to confirm your account information and add a password.

On the "Add your brand" screen, add the first brand or trademark you wish to protect and add at least one related URL. Click "Save and Complete Signup" when completed.

At this time, you will receive an email confirmation. Once you have completed the signup process, you can watch a DomainSkate introduction video or go directly to your Dashboard to see any potential infringements.

Using DomainSkate with Clio

Every night, DomainSkate processes possible matches and infringements for domains and brands you manage. If DomainSkate finds a match, you will receive an email, or, if you choose, a Clio Task will be created.

The Clio Task will contain details about the match and a Short Link. Copy the link URL into your browser to go directly to your DomainSkate dashboard where you can evaluate if the match is of concern.

Click the "Whois" and "Browse" functions to find out more about the domain in question, and decide on the proper action to take for your client.

If you require help using DomainSkate, click on the "Support" button at the top right of your DomainSkate account, or email



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