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CaseMail is approved by U.S. courts to provide On-Demand, Service-By-Mail for Bankruptcy Notices, Proof of Services Notices, and all other legal notices required to be sent via the United States Postal Service.

Access your Matters, Contacts and documents in Clio to send legal notices via Certified Mail, First Class, or Overnight Express with this integration. No Documents to Print. No Envelopes to Stuff. No Stamps to Lick. No more trips to the Post Office. Proof of Mailing and Receipt of Delivery are automatically stored online, with mailing and time expenses saved within your Clio platform.

For a limited time, Clio users can receive special discounted pricing.  For more information, contact CaseMail for more details.


Connecting CaseMail to Clio
Using CaseMail with Clio

Connecting CaseMail to Clio

When creating a CaseMail account be sure to use the same Username as your Clio account.
Once the CaseMail account is created you should see the Clio Matters icon on top of the left navigation bar. Click to view your Clio Matters.


If immediately after creating your CaseMail account, you don’t see the "Clio Matters" icon then this means the validation is still in progress.

To auto-validate your CaseMail to Clio connection, click on the support tab and submit a request using "Send Clio-CaseMail key" in the subject line. You will receive an email that will auto-connect your Clio and CaseMail account.

Using CaseMail with Clio

Create a New CaseMail

After clicking the "Clio Matters" icon you can filter your matters by either Open, Pending, or Closed.

Click "New CaseMail" in the "Action" column for the appropriate Matter

Select Service Type

General: Selecting this service allows you to mail any Word or PDF document via First Class, Certified Mail, or Overnight Express. A standard auto-generated Certificate of Mailing and Proof of Delivery Receipt along with copies of mailed documents are electronically returned by the USPS and stored in your CaseMail account.

BK Notice: Selecting this service allows you to quickly send Bankruptcy Notices using our Advanced Creditor Mailing List Manager. A U.S. courts Approved Certificate of Service is auto-generated and can be accessed from your account.

Service by Mail: Select this option when process by mail is permitted. Selecting this option creates an auto-generated Proof of Service receipt and can be accessed from your account once documents are mailed. 

Enter Mailing Info

This info will link all mailings to a specific Case Name/ID. Clio Matters will auto-populate fields with relevant case info.

If this new mailing is associated with a previous mailing/case, click on the "SEARCH CASE" button to find and link to the previous mailing/case.

If the new mailing is not associated with a previous mailing/case, then complete the following fields:

  1. Case Category: Select a Case Category to keep your mailings organized by category type. Use the system default categories or create your own. (Example: Personal Injury Cases)
  2. Case Name: Confirm that the Case Name is the correct Clio Matter name.
  3. Mailing Name: The Mailing Name is a unique identifier used to associate this mailing with your case/matter. (Example: Petition)

Select Documents from Clio

You can select and merge Word or PDF documents directly from Clio. You can also re-mail a previous mailing by clicking "Attach from Previous Mailings".

To upload a document from Clio, click on the "Clio Documents" link at the right and select the appropriate document. 


Once the document has been uploaded, complete the following steps:

  1. Click the document icon to preview the document.
  2. Check the box beside "I have reviewed the document and approved it for mailing".
  3. Click "Next".

Enter Address

To select the recipient address from your Clio Contacts, click on the "Clio Client Address Book" then select Contacts to add to the recipient list.

You can also enter recipient addresses from previous mailings or use the Mailing List function to add multiple contacts.

Clio Client Address Book

In the Clio Contacts pop-up window, select the documents to be mailed.

Confirm Sender and Recipient Addresses

To confirm the sender and recipient addresses, click "Next"; or, to make any changes, click "Previous".

Mail Service Options

Next, you will be prompted to select your postage and mail options. Then click the "Next" button. 


In the "Summary" screen, you have the following options.   

  1. Checkout: Clicking "Checkout" will complete your mailing order.
  2. Save and Create New: Clicking "Save and Create New" will save this mailing to the "Mailbox/Checkout" (MC) in the left-side navigation menu.
  3. Submit for Client Approval:  Clicking "Submit for Client Approval"  will send an email to your client with a secure link to your Provate Labeled Client Portal where they can review, approve, or decline the document for mailing. (CaseMail Pro Version)

Tracking Mailings and Verifying Delivery

Click on the "Track Mailings" tab to track mailings in real time and to verify delivery.

Proof of Mailing and Proof of Delivery

Click on the letter icon to view and download copies of mailed documents with auto-generated proof of mailings and proof of delivery receipts.

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