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Android App: Communications


Record a New Communication
Editing or Deleting Communications

You can view and record email and phone call Communications from within a Matter by tapping the "Communications" button:


 From here, you will be able to view your Communications as well as add new ones, using the green "New log" button in the lower right corner of the screen:


From this page, you can also filter the Communications list and retrieve Maildrop addresses. To filter the list, click on the Filter icon in the top right corner:



Once you have set your filters, select the checkmark in the top right corner to confirm your selections. 

Record a New Communication

You can record a new Communication log three ways. First, tap the green "+" button from anywhere in the app and select either Email log or Phone log. 


You can also add a log from the Matter page, using the option located under "Add to this matter":


Finally, you can add a new log through the Communcation logs page of a Matter by clicking the New log button in the lower right corner:


Each of these paths will take you to the New communication log screen:



When you have completed all required fields, tap the checkmark button to save.

Editing or Deleting Communications

To edit or delete a saved Communication, tap on the Communication to open it:


And then click edit in the top right corner:


This will open up the Edit email/phone log screen:


Once you are finished editing the Communication, tap the checkmark in the upper right corner to save.

There are two ways to delete a Communication:

Click the three vertical dots in the top right corner and select Delete email/phone log.


Alternatively, you can delete a Communication log when editing a Communication. 



You can access Maildrop addresses in the Communication logs by clicking on the icon to the left of the filter icon: 


From here, you can copy the Maildrop address or compose an email to the Maildrop address from your default email app on your mobile device:


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