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LegalRank provides firms with a mobile optimized tool for gathering reviews and feedback from their clients. By connecting LegalRank to Clio, reviews will be saved back to the client's Matter as a note which you can then be used in performance evaluations and, with the client's consent, can be posted to the firm's website as a testimonial. 

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Creating a LegalRank Attorney Account and Connecting to Clio
Using LegalRank - For the Client
Using LegalRank - For the Attorney

Creating a LegalRank Attorney Account and Connecting to Clio 

LegalRank is a Law2Market Solutions product. If you are already using Law2Market or MyTrafficMan products, you do not need to create a new profile to use LegalRank.  

Attorneys can register for a LegalRank account by going to and clicking the "Register Now" button. When registering, you will have to agree to the terms of service and provide some basic contact information. 

Once you have entered your contact information, an email will be sent to the email address that you provided. That email will contain a link for you to verify your account by confirming your email and password. 

Finally, you will be prompted to connect LegalRank to Clio.  

If you are not already logged into your Clio account, you will be prompted to log in before you can connect. Click the green, "Yes let's connect" button to authorize.

Once you have authorized the connection between LegalRank and Clio, the staff at Law2Market Solutions will confirm your bar affiliations before you will be able to use the app to connect with clients. This process can take up to one business day. 

Using LegalRank - For the Client

When a client is willing to provide your firm with feedback or a testimonial, direct the client to go to and click on the "Register" link. Your client will then be prompted to enter in their name, email address, and phone number. We suggest that you instruct your clients to enter in the name and contact information exactly as you have it listed on their Contact card in Clio.

An email will be sent to your client with a link for them to complete the registration. Your client should follow the emailed link to create a password for their LegalRank account. They will also be asked to agree to the terms of service.

Your client will now be able to log in to LegalRank at any time to record their feedback or testimonial.

When your client logs in, they will be prompted to select the State for the attorney that they want to review and then they will select the attorney by name. The client will also be able to select their Matter (if one is available). Next, the client will be presented with your survey questions which they can rank from zero to five stars. The client will also be able to submit a review and any additional comments that they want to leave for the attorney.

Using LegalRank - For the Attorney

When a client has submitted a review through LegalRank, you will receive an email and a text notification with a link to view the review summary with options to approve the review or remove it.

Approved reviews can be found in Clio as Matter notes, attached to the Matter that the client selected when completing their review. 

If you would like to customize the survey questions that are presented to your clients, you can send your list of desired questions to and they should be added within about 48 hours. 

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