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Android App: Documents

In the Clio app on Android, you can view and upload documents to your Matters.

To view your Documents, navigate to a Matter and then tap, "Documents":


You will then see a list of documents for that particular Matter:


From here, you can search for a particular document, filter the list using the Filter icon in the upper right corner, and upload a Document. 

Filtering Documents

When viewing the list of documents, you can filter by clicking the Filter icon in the top right corner:


This will provide you with the ability to sort by Title (alphabetically), Date (most recent) or filter by category:


After you've made your selection, tap the checkmark in the top right to confirm. 


Uploading Documents

You can upload documents to a Matter from your Android device by clicking the Upload document button in the lower right corner:


The Upload document screen will prompt you to select a file from your device:


Once you've made your selection, you will be able to rename the file, select a Matter, destination folder, add a category and set a "received date":


Another way to upload a document to Clio is through native file sharing. When viewing a file on your Android device, click share and you will be prompted with an option to share with Clio:


This will open the Upload document screen with your shared file selected for upload. Once done, click the checkmark in the upper right corner.

Searching Documents

You can use Clio's Global Search to search for specific Documents in the app. To do so, click the Search icon in the bottom right corner:


Start typing in the document or folder name that you are searching for:


When done, select the "Documents" filter option underneath the search bar to show only Documents:


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