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Clio Sync for Outlook FAQ


What does the Microsoft Outlook sync for Clio do?
Will syncing Outlook to Clio overwrite pre-existing events?
How can I use the Outlook sync for Clio with my Blackberry?

What does the Microsoft Outlook sync for Clio do?

The Outlook Sync will compare the appointments in both Outlook and Clio, and attempt to create an identical reflection of the contact, calendar and task information in both places. That said, you also have the option of choosing which aspects of your practice you wish to synchronize, and whether the process will occur uni or bi-directionally. 

Please see HERE for more information on syncing Clio with Outlook.

Will syncing Outlook to Clio overwrite pre-existing events?

Although we always recommend performing a backup of your Outlook data prior to attempting a sync, the action of the Sync tool should not result in deletion or an override of any pre-existing appointments unless specified in the Sync Tool Settings. 

How can I use the Outlook sync for Clio with my Blackberry?

If you are already syncing your Blackberry with Outlook, adding Clio sync should make the sync pass through Outlook to the Blackberry and vice-versa.

Please click HERE for information on syncing with Outlook.

  • If your Blackberry is not yet synced with Outlook, this article will help guide you through the process.
  • Please note that the Blackberry Desktop Manager may ask you to connect your Blackberry to your computer with a USB cable. If a USB isn't available, it is possible to set up the Blackberry Desktop Manager wirelessly; however you will need to contact your wireless provider to inquire about how to do so.
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