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Billing & Time Tracking

The categories and sections below contain articles and resources to help you navigate Clio's billing workflow, customize your bills, and understand all of your time-tracking options. 

Getting Started with Billing & Time Tracking 

The articles below are a great place to get started working with billing and Activities in Clio.

Video: Billing Workflow  ... 

Designating How Time is Billed on a Matter - Hourly, Flat Fee, or Contingency  ... 

Activities: Time and Expense Entries

Getting Started: Settings & Rates >

Time Entries >

Expense Entries >

Activity Descriptions and UTBMS Codes >

Matter Billing

Hourly, Flat Rate, & Contingency > 

Matter Budgets >


Working with Bills: The Basics > 

Billing Workflows >

Trust Requests >

LEDES 1998B Formatted Bills >

Online Payments

Clio Payments: Credit Card Processing in Clio

Clio Payments: Setup > 

Customizing your Bills

Bill Themes >

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