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Adding a Budget to a Matter

Adding a Budget to a Matter
Budget Notifications

Adding a Budget to a Matter

Note: The Matter Budget feature is available in the Advanced and above subscription package of Clio Manage.

You can add a budget to a Matter when creating a new Matter or when editing an existing Matter. To add a budget to a Matter, scroll down to the "Billing preferences" section of the Matter edit form then check the box beside "Matter has a budget".

  1. Budget: Enter the maximum amount that should be charged to the Matter.
  2. Budget includes expenses: Check this box if you want expenses to be counted towards the Matter’s budget.
  3. Notify users when matter reaches: Check this box if you want an email notification to be sent when charges on the Matter have reached a specific percentage.
  4. Select Recipients: Select the user(s) that should receive notifications regarding the Matter’s budget.

Budget Notifications

If you enabled Matter Budget notifications, the selected recipients will receive an email notification when:

  • the Matter Budget threshold percentage has been reached; and when
  • the details of the Matter Budget have been changed.

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