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CourtTrax provides real time access to State and Federal courts across the US in an easy to use, uniform interface.  

By connecting your Clio account with CourtTrax, you will be able to tie your search results with specific client matters, and have the results injected directly into Clio as a document.  

Utilizing Case Watch and Name Alerts will put you ahead of the game, keeping you up to date on open cases or newly filed litigation, automatically. 

If you are interested in subscribing to CourtTrax, email them at for details.


Connecting CourtTrax to Clio
Using CourtTrax Case Watch and Name Alerts with Clio
     Setting a Case Watch
     Setting a Name Alert
     Document Retrieval

Connecting CourtTrax to Clio 

Once you have signed up for CourtTrax and have logged in, click the "My Account" [1] button to open your account settings in a new window. In the window, click the "Clio" [2] tab then click on the "Connect" [3] button.

If you are not already logged into Clio, you will be prompted to do so then confirm the connection.

Once you have authorized the connection, the settings window will update with some connection options. Select the options that you want to apply to the Clio integration then click the "Submit" button to save your settings and start using CourtTrax with Clio. 

Using CourtTrax Case Watch and Name Alerts with Clio

Case Watch is a user set case number search in a specific court; set to search daily, weekly or monthly, looking for changes in the case details from one search instance to the next. Anything new is identified in red and the new case detail report is emailed as a PDF and injected as a document into Clio.

Name Alerts is a user set watch for newly filed cases on a particular business or individual name in a specific court, for a set interval. Search existing and prospective clients to see what exists now, and be alerted if new cases are filed with an emailed PDF which is also injected as a document in Clio.

A Watch or Alert can be set in almost every jurisdiction with a few notable exceptions that are detailed in the CourtTrax Online Help files.


In order to set up a Case Watch or Name Alert, a search has to be performed. When performing a search, you will choose the court, then the county, then the correct tab (person name, business name or case/judgment number). To complete the search, enter the appropriate information including the client Matter and click Submit. 

With Clio enabled, if you do not enter a client Matter that exists in Clio, you will be alerted.

Clicking "OK" will launch the search without a client Matter and will not inject into Clio.
Clicking "Cancel" will allow you to enter an existing client Matter. The search will then launch and the results will be be injected as a document in Clio.

Setting a Case Watch

To set a Case Watch, choose a completed case number search from the "Saved Searches" panel on the CourtTrax desktop. The Watch can be set from either the opened case detail report or from the desktop. Select the cases that you want to watch then click on the "Watch" button.


Clicking the "Watch" button will open the Case Watch Preferences screen. Here, you will set the frequency of the Watch, add additional email addresses, and enable or disable the Watch. Once completed, click the "Submit" button. 

In Saved Searches, the search with the set Watch will have a grey circle in the "Updates" column.

When the Watch runs at the interval selected, the Updates circle will turn green upon completion. A numbered version of that result will appear in your Clio Documents with the Categroy "Research - CourtTrax Case Watch". Version 1 of the Watch will be the initial search, identifiable by the Category "Research – CourtTrax Search".

Click "View Details" to see the version history of the research. "Version 1" is the search itself; "Version 2" is the Case Watch set; and "Version 3" will be created when the watch runs again. 

Setting a Name Alert

To set a Name Alert, choose a completed name search from the Saved Searches panel on the CourtTrax desktop. The Alert can be set from either the Name Search Results report or from the desktop, just like with a Watch. Select the searches that you want to to receive alerts for then click on the "Alerts" button.

Clicking the "Alerts" button will open the Name Alert Preferences screen. Here, you will set the frequency of Alerts, add additional email addresses, and enable or disable Alerts. Once completed, click the "Submit" button.

As with Watches, the search with the set Alert will have a grey circle in the "Updates" column which will turn green upon completion of the search.

There will also be a message on the Search Form announcing that there are new results to view.

The results of the Alert will be added to your Clio Documents. 

Document Retrieval

For many courts, case documents are available electronically and, wherever possible, CourtTrax provides access to those documents online. CourtTrax can retrieve documents from any jurisdiction in the country. The easiest method for retrieving a document through CourtTrax is from a case detail report. Click the "Order Manual Documents" tab to select the items you require.

At the bottom of the "Order Manual Documents" page is the pricing information. Click the "Order Documents" button when ready to submit the order.

An Auto-Reply is immediately sent advising the order has been launched. A formal confirmation is emailed shortly thereafter with specific pricing and the anticipated turn around time.

When document results are ready they are emailed back to the requester as a PDF.

Currently court documents are not linked to Clio.

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