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OneDrive For Business: Setting Up and Using the Integration

Clio's integration with Microsoft OneDrive allows you to access and edit your Office 365 documents and files through Clio. 

To use this integration, you either need to have a standalone OneDrive for Business account, or be a member of an Office 365 Business or Office 365 Enterprise account.

As there are numerous options for subscribing to OneDrive for Business through Microsoft, the images in this article are specifically focused on accessing OneDrive via Office 365 Business.  


Connect your Clio Account to your OneDrive for Business Account
Accessing Files in OneDrive for Business through Clio
Sharing Documents and Folders in OneDrive for Business Outside of Clio

Connect your Clio Account to your OneDrive for Business Account

Please note: only one administrator on your Clio account can connect OneDrive to Clio. If you would like to collaborate on documents and files in OneDrive and Clio, you will have to share the "Clio" folder in OneDrive with other members of your OneDrive/Office 365 organization. 

In one tab, log in to your OneDrive or Office 365 Business account.

In another tab, open Clio and navigate to the Settings panel. In the "Personal" column, click on the "Apps" link.


Under Authorized Apps, click on the "Microsft" sub-tab.


Scroll down the page until you get to the "Microsoft OneDrive for Business". Click on "Connect".


You will now be prompted to log in to your OneDrive account if you have not already done so. 

Once you receive the account sync confirmation, you have 2 setup options available:

  1. Make Microsoft OneDrive the default document source: Check this box to view your OneDrive documents by default whenever you go to the main "Documents" tab or sub-tab of your Matters and Contacts.
  2. Synchronize Matters with a status of: Click this dropdown to specify what type of Matters you want to sync: "Open," "Open and Pending" or "All."

Click the "Save Changes" button to complete the setup.


Now that you have connected Clio to your OneDrive for Business account, you will see a "Clio" folder in OneDrive. Within the Clio folder will be folders for each of your Contacts and applicable Matters. All of the folders and files that you want to be able to access in Clio will have to be added to that "Clio" folder.

Warning: Do not move or rename the Clio folder or any of its subfolders.

Accessing Files in OneDrive for Business through Clio

To find your OneDrive documents in Clio, go to the main "Documents" tab or the Documents sub-tab of a Contact or Matter.

When accessing your files through the main Documents tab, you will view a folder for each applicable Contact. Click on a Contact folder to view applicable Matter folders. Click on a Matter folder to view your Matter specific files and documents.


Viewing a Document in OneDrive for Business via Clio


Important Note: before you can download or view a file in OneDrive, you must be logged into your OneDrive account in another tab of the same browser.


To view a document in OneDrive, navigate to the document in Clio then click on the "View in Microsoft OneDrive" quick link. 

This will open your OneDrive for Business account to the appropriate folder. If the file type is compatible with an MS Office application that you have access to in your Office 365 Business account, you can make edits to the document online and Clio will always point to the most current version of that file. Searching for an individual document will need to be done in Office 365.

Uploading Documents to OneDrive for Business via Clio

In Clio, navigate to the OneDrive folder that you want to upload a file to, then click on the "Upload" button.

In the "Upload Documents" window, complete the following steps to upload a document to OneDrive through Clio:

  1. Add Files: Click to select files for upload from your computer. You can select multiple files at a time.
  2. Subfolder: If you would like a folder to be created at the same time that the file is uploaded, type the folder name into the "Subfolder" field.
  3. Filename: You can change the name of the file being uploaded in the "Filename" field. Please do not change or remove the file extension. 
  4. Start Upload: Once you are finished selecting files for upload, click the "Start Upload" button. 

You will now see the file and optional folder that you uploaded in both Clio and OneDrive for Business.


OneDrive for Business (Office 365):

Sharing Documents and Folders in OneDrive for Business Outside of Clio

The individual that sets up the OneDrive for Business integration with Clio will be the owner of the "Clio" folder (and all contents) that is generated automatically in OneDrive. If you would like other members of your OneDrive/Office 365 organization to have access to these folder and files, you will have to share that "Clio" folder in OneDrive for Business. 

To share the "Clio" folder, click on the accompanying ellipsis button then click "Share". In the invite window, add all of the users in your OneDrive/Office 365 organization that you want to have access to your Clio documents. 



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