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Sharing Bills with your Clients

There are 2 ways in Clio that you can share a bill with your clients: via email and via Clio Connect. 

This article details the general steps for sharing a bill in Clio. 

Those accounts that have connected to Clio Payments or are using Clio's classic online payments feature will be able to offer their clients the ability to pay their bills online. More information below.


How to Share a Bill in Clio
Sharing a Bill via Email
Sharing a Bill via Clio Connect
Paying Bills Online

How to Share a Bill in Clio

To share a bill with your client, navigate to an invoice or bill state then click on the "Share" quick link.

This will open your sharing options. 

  1. Select Contacts for Sharing: Click the suggested Contact for sharing or start typing a Contact's name in the field and select the appropriate Contact when from the dropdown.
  2. Select Notification Method: Select whether the bill should be shared by email or via Clio Connect.
  3. Add a Message: Click to add a message to the email notification fro either sharing method.

Sharing a Bill via Clio Connect will give a green "Shared" indicator displaying that an active share is occurring between your account and your client's Clio Connect account.

Sharing a Bill via Email

Note: Sharing a bill via email is only available to subscribers of our Loyalty, Boutique, and Elite plans.

When you share a bill with your client via email, they will receive the bill as a PDF attachment along with the optional message that you can add to the email in step 3 above. 

Sharing a Bill via email will not cause a visual tag to display. This is because you are sending the Bill as an attachment to an email, rather than an active share between accounts.

Tip: If you add a message to your email when sending the bill, a communication will be logged in the Matter. This is a great way to track whether or not you have a shared a bill via email.

Sharing a Bill via Clio Connect

When you share a bill via Clio Connect, your client will receive an email notification with a link to the bill in Clio Connect. If this is the first time that your client is accessing Clio Connect, they will have to setup a password before being able to view the bill. 

For more information about what your client will see when viewing a bill in Clio Connect, see the Working with Bills in Clio Connect article. To re-share a Bill, simply select to stop sharing it via the Clio Connect tab within a Matter, and then select to share it once more under the Bills tab of the Matter. This will give your client a new email stating that a Bill has been shared.

Paying Bills Online

If you are interested in offering your clients the opportunity to pay their bills online with a credit card, you have 2 options:

Clio Payments allows you to connect an existing LawPay account or apply for an account within Clio to accept credit cards and give your clients the ability to pay bill via secure link.

For more information about Clio Payments, see our Clio Payments related articles.

Clio's classic online payments allows you to connect a LawPay Legacy or PayPal account to Clio for the purpose of giving your client's the ability to pay bills through Clio Connect. 

For more information about classic online payments, see our Classic Online Payments related articles.

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