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TDSource - Transportation Data Source

Transportation Data Source (TDSource / TDS) provides an easy and efficient system for you to qualify and monitor fleets, gather pertinent information for mergers and acquisition purposes, access CSA scores, safety ratings, insurance information and certificates, lane search and violation searches to create due diligence reports and export CSV files and more.

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Connecting TDS to Clio
Using TDS with Clio

Connecting TDS to Clio

The TDSource integration with Clio can be accessed at the URL A sign-in for both TDSource and Clio are required for each session using the integration.

It does not matter if you login to TDSource or Clio first, but most logins must be completed. Click each authorization button to login to each application.

Once you have signed in to both applications, you will be asked to authorize the integration. To allow TDSource to connect to Clio, click "Yes, Let’s Connect".

Using TDS with Clio

Once you have logged in and authorized the connection between TDSource and Clio, you can start searching for carriers, or enter a USDOT or MCMX number to filter your results. Upon finding the carrier(s) you wish to research, click on the USDOT number in the table to view details.

The carrier details screen has 3 tabs:

  • TDSource View
  • Preview
  • Clio Matter

The "TDSource View" tab gives an overview of the carrier.

The "Preview" tab shows the details that can be uploaded as a document to a Clio matter.

Finally the "Clio Matter" tab allows you to select the Clio Matter that the TDSource carrier document should be uploaded to. Once you have found the appropriate Matter, click the "Upload Carrier Doc" button to add the carrier document to the selected Matter.

After uploading the carrier document to the selected Clio Matter, you will be redirected to the carrier search page with a success message indicating that the carrier document was uploaded. You can open that Matter in Clio by clicking the "View Matter in Clio" link in the message.

For more information about working with TDSource, call 877-740-9110 or email

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