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Billing History Report

Clio's Billing History Report is designed to give firms a detailed view of which invoices are Open receivables, which are Past Due receivables, and which invoices have been Paid. This is to provide the attorney a history of invoicing for their clients. 

To generate the Report, first click on the Reports link from the left-navigation. Then, scroll to the Billing Reports section of Reports, and select Billing History.


Report Options
Category Breakdown
Status and Due Date
Payments and Credit Notes
Frequently Asked Questions

Report Options

Within the Report Options page you have several settings you can choose from to get the information you require on your report:

  1. Select Attorneys: Select to either display only Matters under a specific Responsible Attorney, or select to display All Attorneys, which will display Matters regardless of their Responsible Attorney. When creating a Matter you can select one user in your firm to be the Responsible Attorney. The Report can be filtered by this option and will show all work performed by all users under those specific Matters.
  2. Select Report Detail (All Clients/Specific Client): Choose if you want to generate the report for all clients, or a specific client. Restricting the report to a single client will ensure that only Invoices and Matters under that client will display on your report.
  3. Group Results: Grouping your results by client will display your clients alphabetically by last name on your report. Grouping the results by Attorney will instead list your clients' matters under their Responsible Attorney.
  4. Select Practice Area: You have the ability to limit the results on your generated Report to a specific Practice Area, or by default you can select to display all Practice Areas. Do note that if you select to report on a single Practice Area, that all matters you wish to display will have to have the Practice Area assigned to it. More on Practice Areas can be read here.
  5. Select Date Range: When restricting your date range, this will affect the information that displays in the columns. The invoices that appear on this Report will adhere to when the Invoice was issued (Issue Date). Choose the "Custom" option if you want to determine a specific range outside of the default selection.
  6. Select Report Format: You can generate this report in PDF, .CSV, or Web version. The PDF and .CSV are downloadable files, whereas the Web version will only display in your browser. The advantage of a Web format is that it will include hyperlinks to the source of the records on your report.

The generated Billing History Report will display all Approved invoices, Approved invoices that are Past Due, and Paid invoices.

This report can also be generated in a .CSV format. This can be useful if you wish to further manipulate your report.

Category Breakdown


In the Invoice column you will see all Approved Outstanding, and Approved Past Due, and Approved Paid invoices with interest charge amounts for your clients' matters.

Status and Due Date

Under the Status column you will see a Paid status applied if your client's invoice has received a full payment. Open invoices are approved and not yet outside of their specified grace period, where as Past Due invoices are ones that have aged outside of their specified grace period. Open and Past Due invoices have not received full payments.


The Amount column will display the original invoice total for each bill or interest charge.

Payments and Credit Notes

The Payments column will include funds from Direct Payment, Operating or Trust that have been recorded on the invoices or interest charges as a payment. Credit Notes will display amounts written off on the invoices by utilizing the Credit Notes tool on the bill.


The Balance column will display the dollar amount that is still outstanding on your invoices or interest charges. This will be the amount that still needs to be paid.


Total will be a summary of what is outstanding for the specific matter, or if a Client Total is displaying this will indicate across your clients' matters how much is owed in terms of interest and original invoice total.

Frequently Asked Questions

If my matter is non-billable, will outstanding amounts still display on this report?

If you have any outstanding bills for this matter they will display in this report as long as they have been approved. This will be regardless of whether or not the matter is currently set as billable. If your matter has been selected as non-billable this will mean that you cannot generate a new invoice for this matter from the Billable Clients page under the Bills tab.

What if I only want to manipulate the data in this Report?

When generating a Report in a .CSV format you can have additional options for manipulation as sorting, or removing certain columns or rows. For more information on manipulating .CSV, please click here.

How are my invoices ordered in this Report?

Contacts and Companies are listed alphabetically, and underneath each invoice is listed numerically.



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