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Activities Export

To ensure productivity in your firm you may wish to run a report on specific current or past Time Entries and Expense Entries logged in your account under different Users.

To gather this information, and generate a report on it, first go to the Activities page in Clio.


Filter Dates
Common Questions


When first visiting the Activities page, the default Filter that is applied is to show Time Entries for the logged in User for the current Calendar Day.

You can change what time entries are displayed by using the date range picker and the filter options.


To search for Time Entries under a specific User (timekeeper) in your account, click inside the User field.

To include All Users in your account, select All Users. This will include your firm members as well as any Co-Counsel attorneys you have shared Matters with via Clio Connect.


Under the Status option you can choose Unbilled to display time entries that have not yet been placed on Approved invoices. Select Billed to show time entries that have been placed on Approved invoices. The Unbilled option also includes items placed on Draft invoices.

Filter Dates

When first visiting the Activities page, your filtered Date Range is set to the current calendar day. To expand beyond this, click inside the Filter Dates boxes and choose your desired range.

You can also use the quick date range pickers:


The Matter field behaves as an auto-complete field. When typing a portion of your Matter's name, you will see it display your available options.

Selecting an individual Matter will reduce your filtered list to only displaying entries that have been created for that Matter.


The Category field allows you to filter by created Activity Category. This can be useful if you want to see all Time Entries created under a specific Activity Category. For example, how much time has been spent on the phones during the month.

Filter by keyword

The Filter by keyword field will allow you to filter your Time Entries by key words or specific phrase within in the "description" section of your time entry.

Once input, your entries will be limited to displaying results that match your searched key words or phrase.


Once your Time Entries are filtered down to your specifications, you can review the results on this page. At the bottom of the User column you will see a summary of hours, and under the Total column you will see a summary of dollar amounts. If you have multiple pages of results, the totals listed will summarize all pages.

To create your report, click the Export button below the table.

From the Export activities window, select your desired format.

If you select CSV, choose to export all available columns of data, or only the columns currently showing.

If created in a PDF, you will have a snapshot of your page in a non-editable state. Please note that PDF exports cannot be customized when exporting. 

If generated as a CSV, you will be able to sort or edit your information to customize what is displayed. For information on how to sort CSV exports, see here.

Common Questions

When running this report by specific dates, is it historical?

These are non-historical records. When Activities are restricted by a Date Range you will see your results displayed with their status as of the current calendar day. If an item has been Billed, it will display as a Billed item.

What if my Totals listed here do not match my billed totals on other Reports?

If modifications have been made to invoices that were not also made on the original records this would account for the discrepancy. 

What if I can't see the billing rates for other users?

If you do not see the billing rates of other users it may be that your permissions have been restricted. More on this can be read in this Support Article.

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