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Matters by Responsible Attorney Report

Clio's Matters by Responsible Attorney Report is designed to give firms a quick breakdown of certain information on Matters, such as the name, description, status, and the Accounts Receivable. 

To generate the Report, first click on the Reports tab at the upper right of your page in the black ribbon. Then, scroll to the Matter Reports section of Reports, and select Matters by Responsible Attorney.


Report Options
Category Breakdown
Frequently Asked Questions

Report Options

Within the Report Options page you have several settings you can choose from to get the information you require on your report:

  1. Select Attorneys: Select to either display only Matters under a specific Responsible Attorney, or select to display All Attorneys, which will display Matters regardless of their Responsible Attorney. When creating a Matter you can select one user in your firm to be the Responsible Attorney. The Report can be filtered by this option and will show all work performed by all users under those specific Matters.
  2. Include Pending Matters: Opt to include matters with a Pending status assigned.
  3. Include Closed Matters: Opt to include matters with a status of Closed assigned.
  4. Select Practice Area: You have the ability to limit the results on your generated Report to a specific Practice Area, or by default you can select to display all Practice Areas. Do note that if you select to report on a single Practice Area, that all matters you wish to display under your clients will have to have the Practice Area assigned to it. More on Practice Areas can be read in our Managing Practice Areas Support Article.
  5. Select Report Format: You can generate this report in PDF, .CSV, or Web version. The PDF and .CSV are downloadable files, whereas the Web version will only display in your browser. The advantage of a Web format is that it will include hyperlinks to the source of the records on your report.


The generated Matters by Responsible Attorney Report will display which matters are assigned to which Responsible Attorney.

This report can also be generated in a .CSV format. This can be useful if you wish to further filter your report. 

Category Breakdown

The Matter column lists the matter display number, or name of the matter, as designed on the Matter Numbering page in your settings. For more information on Matter Numbering see this article.

The Client column will display the name of the client assigned to your matter. If no client is currently assigned, due to deletion or re-assignment, there will be no client name listed in this column.

The Description column displays the matters' description. This is manually typed from the create/edit screen of a matter.

Frequently Asked Questions

If my matter is non-billable, will it still display on this report?
If your matter has been selected as non-billable this will mean that you cannot generate a new invoice for this matter from the Billable Clients page from the Bills tab. Your matter will display regardless of whether or not the matter is currently set as billable.

What if I only want to manipulate the data in this Report?
When generating a Report in a .CSV format you can have additional options for manipulation as sorting, or removing certain columns or rows. For more information on manipulating .CSV files, please see our How do I use the CSV Export Support Article.

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