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Trustifi’s patented technology postmarks, encrypts, authenticates, and tracks every email to map a legal chain of evidence while being more efficient and less costly than traditional methods. Trustifi's postmarked emails are an invaluable resource when dealing with legal matters - Contracts and other documents can be easily encrypted and can be signed digitally from any device.

Trustifi offers email solutions for any firm size at any level. Trustifi has apps available in both the Google Play store and the Apple Store.

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Connecting Trustifi to Clio
Using Trustifi with Clio
     Attaching Files from Clio to a Trustifi Email
     Viewing Email Delivery Reports in Clio

Connecting Trustifi to Clio

The first time that you compose an email in Trustifi, you will be able to connect to Clio when attaching a file. 

  1. Click the "Compose Trustifi Email" tab.

  2. Below the email body, click on the "Clio: Attach File" button. 

  3. In the "Clio Authorization Required" window, click the "Open Pop-up" button to view Clio's authentication screen. 
  4. On the "Connect with Clio" screen, click the green "Yes, Let's Connect" button.

    * If you are not already logged into your Clio account, you will be prompted to login before you can connect.

Using Trustifi with Clio

Attaching Files from Clio to a Trustifi Email

  1. When attaching a document from Clio, click on the Matter drop-down and select the related Matter from the list. This will provide you with all of the documents attached to that Matter. 

  2. Click on the file that you want to attach to your message. You will now be able to see that file in the list of attachments. 

Viewing Email Delivery Reports in Clio

Once you have connected your Trustifi account to Clio, for every email that you send with a Clio attachment, an email delivery report will automatically be saved as a Document back in Clio. 

  1. In Clio, navigate to the Documents folder for the appropriate Matter and click on the "Email Delivery Reports" folder. 

  2. Click on the report that you would like to review. 

For more information about working with Trustifi, please contact them by calling toll-free 1-877-887-8228, or you can access their live help chat HERE.

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