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How Do I Record a Payment on a Trust/Client Funds Request


  • How do I Record a Payment on a Client Funds Request
  • How do I Record a Payment on a Trust Request
  • How do I Register a Payment on a Retention Request

Recording a payment on a Trust Request is similar to recording a payment on a revenue bill: 

  • You can manually record the payment (if received as cash, check, or transfer), and
  • Clio Payments users can receive credit card payments directly into their trust bank accounts. For information about working with Clio Payments, please see our Clio Payments related articles.
  • With Clio Payments enabled, you can also send your clients trust requests via email so they can pay online.

Before you can record a payment on a Trust Request, you must make sure that the request has been approved. 

For information about creating and approving Trust Requests, please see the "Creating and Managing Trust Request Bills" article. 

Please note that payments made on Trust requests cannot be deleted. To remove accidentally applied payments, please see here.

Recording a Payment on a Trust/Client Funds Request

You can record a payment on a Trust Request when viewing the request by clicking the "Record Payment" button.

This will open the Trust Payment window. 

  1. Payment date: Defaults to today's date. Click in the Date field to select the appropriate payment date if different.
  2. Source: "Direct Payment" represents payments from cash, check, or wire transfer. "Credit 
    Card" will direct you to the Clio Payments portal to enter your client's Credit Card information.
  3. Destination: The destination must be one of your trust accounts in Clio.
  4. Reference: Enter any payment reference information, such as a check number, for reporting purposes.
  5. Description: Add any additional payment information into this field.
  6. Payment: Enter the amount of the payment received. Partial payments are allowed.

Finally, click the "Record Payment" button to record the payment details or the "Billing Information" button to continue to the Clio Payments page.

Once the payment has been recorded, the request will update to reflect the payment and will be moved to the Paid state. 

Additionally, the trust payment will also be added to the "Transactions" tab of the Contact card (and optionally the Matter) dependent on the "Balance Type" chosen when creating the request. 

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