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The LawPay Integration: Adding, Removing, and Changing Bank Accounts

The LawPay Integration is available to subscribers of our Boutique, and Elite plans.

The LawPay Integration is NOT available to Customers in EMEA.

You can upgrade to the Boutique or Elite plan in the app, or if you’re interested in seeing how this feature can work for your law firm feel free to contact us by email or give us a call at 1-888-858-2546 (choose option #1).


Adding a New Bank Account to the LawPay Integration

Removing Bank Accounts from the LawPay Integration
Changing Bank Accounts Used by the LawPay Integration

Adding a New Bank Account to the LawPay Integration

You can add a new bank account for use with the LawPay Integration at any time. For example, you may need to add a trust account to Clio for use with our Trust Requests feature. 

First time signing in

First, you will need to make sure that your bank account has already been connected to our credit card processing partner, LawPay, and that you have created a mirror bank account in Clio. For instructions on adding bank accounts in Clio, see the article "Managing Accounts".  


If you have not yet connected your new bank account to LawPay, please call their Support team at 800-459-5798 and they will help set that up for you (just let them know that you are a Clio user using the LawPay Integration). 

Once you have connected your bank account to LawPay, you can connect it to Clio by going to your Clio Settings panel and clicking on the "Online Payments" link in the Clio Settings column.


Once you've signed in and authorized with LawPay, you will be given the opportunity to connect your accounts.

Please note: if you have not yet created a bank account in Clio, you will be given the opportunity to do so:



Existing LawPay Integration User

If you already have bank accounts connected to LawPay and want to update or add a bank account connection, you can do so in Settings.

On the "Online Payments" screen, click the "Create another Clio bank account for connection" link under the list of accounts.


This will prompt you to create a new Bank Account in Clio:


Once you've created the new bank account, click Create. It will then be added to the list of accounts.

Removing Bank Accounts from the LawPay Integration

To remove a bank account from Clio, click the "Disconnect" button beside the account you want to remove. 


You will be prompted to confirm this action. Click "Yes, proceed" when ready to disconnect.


Changing Bank Accounts Used by the LawPay Integration

If you make changes to existing bank account details in LawPay, you shouldn't have to make any changes in Clio. Updates should only be required in Clio if you replace a bank account in LawPay with a different account. In that case, follow the steps above to remove a bank account connection in Clio and create a new one.

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