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Comprehensive Guide: Profile Details, Firm Information, & Permissions

  • Introduction

    Setting up firm and user profile information in Clio is important for billing.

    In this chapter, you will learn how to set up billing rates and billing rate visibility for each Clio user, and how to add the firm information that will appear on your invoices.

    Additionally, you will learn how to manage user permissions to restrict an individual's access to certain areas of Clio and specific Matters.

  • User Information and Billing Rate

    User profiles hold contact information and billing information. Keep this information up to date to ensure accuracy and efficiency.


    Updating your Personal Profile Information
    Updating the Profile Information of Other Users


    Updating your Personal Profile Information

    To update your profile information, click your firm name in the side navigation. Then click "View Profile".

    On your profile screen, click the "Edit" button. 

    Your Information

    On the "Your Information" screen, the "First name" and "Last name" fields should be completed automatically.  

    Additional fields that we suggest you complete:

    Time Zone
    Ensure that you have selected the appropriate time zone for your calendar.

    Billing Rate
    Enter the default hourly rate that you bill most of your clients at. This rate will automatically be applied to every time entry that you create.

    Billing Rate Visibility (Administrators Only)
    Administrators can determine how a user views the billing rate of other users on the Clio account.  

    • All: The user can see their rate as well as the rate of any users in the firm, along with the total for time entries.
    • Limited: The user can only see their own rate.
    • None: The user can not see any rates or totals for time entries.

    If you want to restrict a user's access to rate and billing information throughout Clio, you will also have to disable Billing and Reports permissions.

    • Managing permissions is covered in the "Permissions" section of this chapter.

    Groups (Administrators Only)
    Administrators can create groups of users and specify permissions for that group. 

    Permissions (Administrators Only)
    Administrators can enable and disable user access to areas of Clio.

    • Managing permissions is covered in the "Permissions" section of this chapter.


    Updating the Profile Information of Other Users 

    Administrators can edit the profile information and billing rate of other users on the Clio account.

    Go to the Settings panel and click "Manage Users" in the System column.

    On the "Manage Users" screen, click on the "Edit" quick link for the user you want to modify.

    You can now modify all profile fields including those described above. 

  • Permissions

    Administrators can set some basic permissions for the non-administrator users on a Clio account. 


    General Permissions Options
    Setting Individual User and Group Permissions
    Setting Matter Permissions


    General Permissions Options

    The areas of Clio that you can restrict are:

    Accounts permission allows users to access the "Accounts" tab and the "Transactions" sub-tabs of Matters and Contacts. The user is able to manage trust & operating account information and add debit & credit transactions.

    Reports permission allows the user to access the "Reports" tab.

    Billing permission allows users to access the main "Bills" tab and sub-tabs of Matters and Contacts. The user is able to create and edit invoices and receive bill payments. 

    Both administrators and non-administrators can restrict who can view a Matter.

    Users that are restricted from viewing a Matter will also be restricted from seeing time & expense Activities, tasks, calendar events, and documents related to that Matter.


    Setting Individual User and Group Permissions

    To add or remove permissions to the Account, Reports, and Billing areas of Clio, go to the Settings panel and click "Groups, Permissions, and Job Titles" in the System column.

    Next, click on the "Permissions" sub-tab.

    To grant access to an individual or group, check the appropriate box for each of the three areas of Clio.


    Setting Matter Permissions

    You can specify which users have access to a Matter and its details when creating a Matter or when editing an existing Matter.  

    In the Create/Edit Matter form, use the "Permissions" section.

    By default, the Matter will be visible to all users, but you can restrict the Matter to just you or to a group of users.

  • Adding your Firm's Contact Information and Logo

    Account administrators can modify the firm information and logo - information that can automatically be pulled into the bills you create in Clio. 

    Go to the Settings panel and click on "Account and Payment Info" in the System column.

    When changing account information, click the  button at the bottom of the screen to save your changes.

    Logo and Firm Name

    The logo image that you upload to Clio must be a JPEG, PNG, GIF file type and should not exceed 2MB. 

    Your logo and firm name can optionally appear on your bills and Clio Connect branding

    Contact Information

    By default, your firm address will appear on your bills. Phone, fax, email, and website can be displayed on your bills via your Bill Themes

    Date & Time Format

    By default, the date format used throughout Clio is MM/DD/YYYY.

    Alternate format options are: DD/MM/YYYY and YYYY-MM-DD.

    By default, the time format used by Clio is a 12 hour (AM/PM) format but you can alternately select a 24 hour format.  

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