Law Society of Alberta (LSA) Trust Report

Enabling the LSA Trust Report

To have the LSA Trust Report added to your Clio account, contact our Support team by email at or by phone at 1-888-858-2546.

Clio's LSA Trust Report is designed to help firms stay compliant with the Law Society of Alberta by providing records of trust account activity.

For step-by-step instructions on on how to upload this report to the Law Society of Alberta Secure File Transfer, download the Clio and SFTP Software User Guide.

To generate the Report, first click on the Reports tab at the upper right of your page in the black ribbon. Next, scroll to the Compliance Reports section and click on LSA Trust.


Report Options
Common Questions

Report Options

Within the Report Options page you have several settings you can choose from to get the information you require on your report:

  1. Select Date Range: Setting a date range will restrict trust account data to the activities included in the range. You can select "Last Year" for the previous year, or you can select "Custom" to choose your own date range.
  2. Select Report Format: This report can only be generated in CSV format.

The report contains the columns:

  • Transaction Type
  • Method of Payment
  • Client Number
  • Client Name
  • Matter Number
  • Matter Description
  • Client Number To
  • Matter Number To
  • Area of Law Description
  • Date Entered
  • Transaction Date
  • Reference #
  • Source
  • Explanation
  • General Ledger


Common Questions

What do I have to do before uploading the generated LSA Trust Report to the Law Society of Alberta website?

You need to edit the file name:

How do I upload this report to the Law Society of Alberta website?

For information on uploading this report to the LSA, see the LSA's upload guide here.

Where do I enter my Lawyer Registered Number?

Enter your Lawyer Registered Number on your Clio Profile Page. For details, see the "Editing User Profile Information" article. Note that this field is only available if the LSA Trust Report is enabled in your account.

I don't see the LSA Report in my Clio account. How can I enable it?

If you do not have the LSA Report available in the Reports section of your Clio account, it can be enabled by any of our Support agents. They can be reached toll-free at 1-888-858-2546.


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