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Filtering Bills

Invoices can be created within parameters such as within a specific date range, or only generated for Matters with a specific Custom Field. Filtering bills can occur from any of the Bills pages.


Filter Options
Generating Filtered Invoices
Searching for a specific Invoice
Fltering Bills sub-tabs

Filter Options

Filters can be applied across all Bills pages. From the Draft, Pending Approval, Unpaid, Paid, and All sections you will see the same available options. To find your Filter options, select the "Filter" button on the right hand side of the page.


 Here we will review our Filter Options.


  1. Client - Here we can select to search the created invoices by a specific Client that has been billed.
  2. Matter - Search all created invoices and only display what is generated for a specified Matter.
  3. Responsible Attorney - Limit the displayed invoices to only those under Matters that have a specified Responsible Attorney.
  4. Originating Attorney - Limit the displayed invoices to only those under Matters that have a specified Originating Attorney.
  5. Last Sent - Filter bills that were sent on a specific date 
  6. Due After - Only display invoices that are due after a specific date.
  7. Due Before - Only display invoices that are due before a specific date.
  8. Type - Select to display all invoices, Revenue invoices only, or Trust Requests only.

Searching for a specific Invoice

When searching for an invoice, you can apply these Filters in any of the billing tabs to find a certain bill. You can also search for a specific bill by typing the bill ID in the "Filter by Keyword" field and clicking Enter on your keyboard.


Clio Pro-Tip: When editing an invoice, you can opt to include letters in the ID field. Letters will not be automatically generated, but you can edit any invoice to include this information. More can be read here.


Generating Filtered Invoices

A powerful tool build into the generation process are the Filter options. These allow you to select to only include entries within a specific date range, entries found under Matters with a specified Custom Field, entries under a desired Contact, or Matter, or for entries under a Matter with a specific Responsible Attorney.


  1. Client - Filter for all billable entries under a specific Contact's Matters.
  2. Matter - Filter for billable entries under one specific Matter.
  3. Responsible Attorney - Filter the list of outstanding billable entries by Matters that are under a specified Responsible Attorney.
  4. Activities' Date Range - Select to create an invoice that grabs a week's worth of billable time and expense entries, a month's work, or even a year or further. Select the Date Range the billable entries should fall within on the invoice.
  5. Matter Custom Fields - Filter all Matters by a selected Custom Field.
  6. Search - An open text search field.

Once you have chosen your specific Filter options, click the box next to your selected Matter or Client name. 


Next, click Generate at the top of the page, and your invoice will be created within your specified Filter options.


Filtering Bills sub-tabs

Bills sub-tabs can be found at the Matter and Contact levels. This can be seen by navigating either to the Contact or the Matter and selecting the Bills sub-tab.


From the Contact level you will be able to Filter by Responsible Attorney, Originating Attorney, Due After, Due Before and Type. You will also be able to "Filter by Keyword."



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