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Advanced Tasks


Adding Task Types
Creating and Assigning Tasks
Changing Task Status
Filtering and Sorting Tasks

Advanced Tasks builds upon the functionality of Tasks in Clio, giving you greater capability to categorize and report on your Tasks. Advanced Tasks adds three additional fields to your Tasks:

  • Task Type
  • Status
  • Time Estimate

In the Reports tab, Advanced Tasks adds two reports:

  • Task Progress by User
  • Task Productivity by User

This article will show how to incorporate the new Advanced Tasks into your Task workflow.

Adding Task Types

Clio account administrators can add Task Types. These Task Types will be accessible to all Users when creating new Tasks.

To add a new Task Type, first navigate to the main Tasks page and then click on the Task Types subtab. Next, click on the "Add" button in the top right corner:

The "New Task Type" window is displayed. Enter a name for your Task Type and click "Save":

Creating and Assigning Tasks

Tasks can be created and assigning with the same workflows detailed in the articles for "Creating Tasks" and "Assigning Tasks". However, Advanced Tasks gives three additional fields on the "Add Task" window.

After clicking "Add" on the main Tasks page or the Tasks subtab of a Matter, the "Add Task" window is displayed:


  1. Task Type: Click the field to select your Task Types from the ones you have already added
  2. Status: Click the field to select your Task Status from the four options (Pending, In Progress, In Review, Complete)
  3. Time Estimate: Enter in the time you expect the Task to take

Changing Task Status

To change the status of a Task, navigate to the main Tasks page or the Tasks subtab of a Matter and click "Edit task" under the dropdown menu next to the task you wish to change:


The "Edit Task" window is displayed. Click the "Task status" field to select your new status. When you are finished editing your Task, click "Save Task":


Filtering and Sorting Tasks

To filter your Tasks, navigate to the main Tasks page and click "Filters" on the right-hand side. Here you can filter by a number of variables, including Status and Type:


When viewing your Tasks on the main Tasks page or the Tasks subtab of a Matter, you can sort your Tasks by clicking on certain column headings. For example, to sort your Tasks by Matter, click on "Matter" at the top of that column:


For more information, see the "Filtering and Sorting Tasks" article.


To access the Task Reports, navigate to the Reports page and scroll down to "Task Reports":

For more information on the Task Reports, see the "Task Progress by User" and "Task Productivity by User" articles.

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