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Task Progress by User Report

Clio's Task Progress by User Report is designed to give firms a detailed breakdown of each firm user's task progress. This report is categorized by the number of tasks each firm user has in each task status (pending, in progress, in review, and completed), time estimates, actual time tracked, and the firm total. 

Note: This report is only available on Clio's Advanced and Complete subscription plans.

Generate the report

To generate the report:

  1. In Clio Manage, select Reports in the left navigation menu.
  2. Click Task or scroll down to Task reports and select Task progress by user.
  3. Choose from several settings within the report options page to get the information you need for your report. 
      • Select user: select All users to see data for all users at your firm, or select Specific user to see data for one specific user at your firm.
      • Select client/matter: 
        • Selecting All clients will show tasks for all clients.
        • Selecting Specific client will show tasks for a specific client and that client's matters.
        • Selecting Specific matter will show tasks related to only a specific matter. Tasks at the client-level will not show.
      • Task type: the default setting for sorting by task type is by All types. You also have the option to choose a Specific type of task.

        Tip: Remember to create and assign task types to your matters if you want to sort this report by task type. Learn more about task types and advance tasks by reading this article.

      • Report options:
        • Include time estimates: if you select this option, the report will show any time entered as time estimate.
        • Include completed tasks: if you select this option, the report will include a column showing completed tasks.
      • Output format: you can generate this report as a Web, PDF, or CSV version. The Web report will display in your Clio Manage browser window. Both the PDF and CSV file can be downloaded and printed. 

        What is a CSV file? A comma-separated values (CSV) file is a plain-text file that contains a list of data separated by commas. You an open a CSV file in almost any text editor or spreadsheet program, such as Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, or Mac's built-in spreadsheet program Numbers.

  4. Click Generate report.


Report summary


For the web version of the report, you have the option to return to the report generation page where you can modify your report parameters. Select Edit Filters at the top of the generated report to modify your report settings.

Note: This option to edit filters is not available for the PDF and CSV versions of the report since they are downloaded to your computer. You will need to generate a new report with new parameters.




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