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Task Progress by User Report

The Task Progress by User Report is available to subscribers of our Elite plan.

You can upgrade to the Elite plan in the app or, if you’re interested in seeing how this feature can work for your law firm, feel free to contact us by email or give us a call at 1-888-858-2546 (choose option #1).

Clio's Task Progress by User Report is designed to give firm managers a detailed view of Users' task progress. It breaks down the firm's tasks to show how many tasks each User has and what status those tasks are in.

The Task Progress by User Report is part of Clio's package of Advanced Reports available only to Elite subscribers.

To generate the report, first click on the Reports tab at the upper right of your page in the black ribbon. Then scroll to the Task Reports section and click "Task Progress by User":

Report Options

Within the Report Options page you have several settings you can choose from to get the information you require on your report:

  1. Select Report Detail: Choose if you want to generate the report for all firm Users or for a specific User. Generating the report for all firm Users will still show each individual User's tasks as well.
  2. Clients: Choose if you want to generate the report for all Clients, a specific Client, or a specific Matter. Restricting the report to a single client will ensure that tasks related to any of your selected Client's Matters will display, where as restricting the report to a single Matter will ensure only tasks related to that Matter will be displayed.
  3. Task Type: Choose if you want all tasks to be included in the report, or if you want to limit the report to one specific Task Type.
  4. Include time estimates: Selecting "Include time estimates" will display time estimate data in the report.
  5. Include completed tasks: Selecting "Include completed tasks" will include a column in the report showing completed tasks.
  6. Output Format: You can generate this report in PDF, CSV, or Web version. The PDF and CSV are downloadable files, whereas the Web version will only display in your browser.


The generated Task Progress by User Report will display all tasks that have been assigned to Users. The report will categorize these tasks based on status. Below is a Task Progress by User Report which has been generated for all Users, Clients and Task Types, with time estimates and completed tasks included:

At the top of this report, you can select "Edit Filters" to return to the report generation page and select to modify filters for User, Client, Task Type, or do include time estimates or completed Tasks.

This report can also be generated in a CSV format:

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