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Clio Payments: Payment History and Status

Clio Payments is available to subscribers of our Boutique and Elite plans.

You can upgrade to the Boutique or Elite plan in the app, or if you’re interested in seeing how this feature can work for your law firm feel free to contact us by email or give us a call at 1-888-858-2546 (choose option #1).

This article details how to view the status and history of payments made by credit card. For instructions on how to set up and apply for Clio Payments, see the "Clio Payments Set Up" article.


Credit Card Payment History
Understanding Payment Status

Credit Card Payment History 

To view payments that have been made by credit card, navigate to a bill and click on the "Clio Payments" tab.

Until a payment has been processed, it will have the "Authorized" status. Authorized payments waiting to be processed can still be voided by clicking on the "Void" quick link. 


Alternatively, you can view a complete history of all Clio Payment Transactions on the Clio Payments page (accessible by using the left sidebar navigation). 


Once the payment has been approved, the status will change to "Completed" and can no longer be voided. If required, the payment can be refunded from the "Payments" > "Clio Payments History" tab of the bill.

For instructions on voiding or refunding a credit card payment, see the "Clio Payments: Voiding and Refunding Payments" article.

Understanding Payment Status

The Clio Payments History tab may show any of the following payment statuses:

  • Pending: Clio is in the process of sending the payment details to LawPay
  • Authorized: LawPay has accepted the credit card details and has begun to process the payment
  • Completed: The payment has been successfully processed by LawPay
  • Voided: The payment has been voided before being Completed
  • Failed: The Payment details were rejected by LawPay, or something went wrong with the transaction

To receive detailed notifications from LawPay whenever a payment fails, contact LawPay directly and ask them to help you to enable "Merchant Notifications". 


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