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How do I Create a "Shared Documents" Folder With Clients?


  • Create and share a folder with Client through Clio Connect
  • Can a Clio Connect Client Upload a Document Directly to a Matter?
  • Determine if a Clio Connect contact can upload a document that is linked with a Matter


  • Clio Manage

Additional Information:

Sharing a folder with your Client through Clio Connect allows them to upload Documents directly into the folder, making it significantly easier to find their Documents. If a folder is not shared, all Documents uploaded in Clio Connect will be linked at the Contact level (How To Locate Documents Uploaded by a Client via Clio Connect); they are also accessible from the main Documents page. 


  1. Go to the Matter
  2. Click Documents
  3. Click New
  4. Click Folder
  5. Name new Folder to something such as "Upload Documents here", or "Documents for Court" etc.
  6. Click Share under the folder
  7. Enter in the Client in the field "Select some Contacts"
  8. Enter in an optional message
  9. Click Share


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