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Can I Add Negative Time Entries or Expenses in Clio?


  • Crediting Negative Expense Entries
  • Negative Bill
  • Add credit note without a bill
  • Add a pre-bill discount


  • Clio Manage

Additional Information:

  • This feature was removed in 2018 but was re-added in February 2019 in response to user feedback.
  • This can be useful in situations where you want to add a Credit Note to a Client who does not yet have an Invoice.
  • Please be aware that negative Activities will show as positives in Reports. 
  • If a Bill for a negative amount is generated, it will move to a Paid state. 
  • How to Void a $0 or Negative Bill?
  • Negative expenses do not show up on the Matter dashboard, however, negative Time Entries do. 


Yes, you can use negative Time Entries and Expenses in Clio. To create a negative Time Entries you would enter a negative amount in the Rate field with a Duration of 1.  For Expenses, enter the negative amount in the Amount field. 



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