KCS - Why Can't I Add Negative Expenses in New Clio?


  • Crediting Negative Expense Entries


  • Clio Web App

Additional Information:

Although Clio is not built to handle them, negative expenses do exist in the world of accounting. They are sometimes used to record refunds, or used to record reimbursements against an initial outlay (contra expenses).

Some Clio users exploit the ability in previous Clio to add negative Expenses as Credits to Bills because Clio doesn't allow Credit Notes to be added to Matters without a Bill.


This was an intentional change made by the Development team in New Clio.

Negative Expenses are the root cause of reporting discrepancies as Clio will add them all as positive amounts in Reports.

In Clio, we want to implement good Accounting practices. Please work with the User to understand what they are using the negative Expense entries for so we're able to provide alternative workflows and submit this feedback to the Development team.

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