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Improve your bottom line

For attorneys, time isn't just money, it's a very limited resource. maximizes your time by handling calls, booking appointments, and acting on your behalf—from prospective clients to court staff. Plus, per-call pricing, no charge for spam, robocalls, or wrong numbers keeps your receptionist costs predictable.

Convert leads & keep clients happy

Our team is expertly trained in using your criteria to qualify clients (and yes, we'll get their contact information before they hang up!). Whether your filters are practice-based, geographical, or more, we know the drill. We'll book appointments, transfer them to you, take a message, whatever your preference.

Be in two places at once

You might be in court or mediation, but we're still your conduit to clients all day. When we answer their calls for you, your call summaries arrive over email or text, just minutes after. And if you need us to do anything, just let us know whom to call and what to tell them, and we take care of it.

Route calls intelligently

New clients? We'll do the intake and schedule an appointment. That judge's calls can ring you directly. The guy who hasn't paid? He won't get you on the line until he does. Whatever your criteria, our intelligent system can handle the case. From complex rules to automatic whitelisting and blacklisting numbers, we make it easy.

To use, simply sign up on for a 30-day or 10-call free trial (no credit card required). Once you sign up, email and mention the Clio integration and we will send you a link to associate your Clio account.


Connecting to Clio
Using with Clio
Contacting Support

Connecting to Clio

After you set up an account on, simply email and ask for the authorization URL to connect your Clio account. 

Click Allow Access and then email to let them know that you're ready for them to begin.

Using with Clio

There’s nothing to learn as will use Clio’s API to create the phone communication entry in your Clio account, and also automatically sync your Contacts list. When integrated with Clio Grow, calls or messages received by will also appear in your Lead Inbox for your review. Our mission is fully automate your inbound calls and not make you to learn anything new.

Contacting Support

Clio Integration Page Email Support


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